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The Mystical Secrets of Life is an important read chock full of ancient and modern day wisdom and useful spiritual philosophy. Through allegory, true life stories, poetry, humor and especially, through deep spiritual insights, the author takes you, the reader on a journey of healing and teaching that will help you manifest peace, joy, power, love and healing. Actual lessons in hands on healing and healing by means of consciousness are included.

The Mystical Secrets of Life has something to offer everyone who is willing to venture beyond the two and three dimensional world to the richer, fuller life offered by these powerful insights.

The Mystical Secrets of Life

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Part 1 - We Can Change the World is as important a theme as I could have ever written. It holds "The Cure" to every ill.

Part 2, "The Mystical Secrets" includes the incredibly powerful insights that inspired this book. If you are like I was, these insights will leave you asking yourself "Why didn’t I consider these implications before?"

Part 3, "Love, Wisdom and Healing" is a sampling of years of writing for The Happy Times Monthly, an all-good-news newspaper based in Boca Raton, Florida. These are quick, easy-to-read commentaries on everyday life. They add a practical "How To" energy to the tools you will be acquiring throughout this book.

Part 4 - Designing a Life is a guide to building the kind of consciousness that will empower you. It contains the basic mind tools from my Designing a Life classes. It explains in greater detail what energy and consciousness are and how to use them. Included are quotes and power declarations. These are tools for finding a higher spiritual purpose and creating infinite possibilities in your life.

Part 5 - Conclusion is intended to bring it all together with clarity and purpose.
All in all, this should be an enjoyable, easy-to-read book that will enable you to find the health, happiness, purpose and prosperity that have always existed within you.

Happy reading!
Todd Puntolillo
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