Here is something that will attract people if they are scientifically inclined:

The Hokey Story

 Once upon a time, a huge rock whirled through planetary mine fields at dizzying speeds. For hundreds of millions of years it revolved around a ball of volatile, exploding gases until it somehow acquired an atmosphere. Then this rock evolved plant life, which was followed by the mysterious introduction of critters. Now get this! The critters need oxygen, food and water. No problem, the green things suck in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The critters give off carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen. How convenient for the greenies too! Both require a moderate temperature, but not to worry; the ball of gases that unceasingly and violently explodes, never seems to vary in temperature because, if it did, there would be no life on this crystalline, water-covered rock.

You know the rest of the story because you are here! But what is the missing ingredient necessary for all this to happen? Where did all these miracles initiate? Are you part of this amazing evolution?

Find the answers in the book, The Mystical Secrets of Life!

If you want to discuss miracles, consider the following totally impossible story first ...

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