The Mystical Secrets of Life book by Todd Puntolillo


Don’t live your life by default. Explore the infinite possibilities, then watch out for flying fragments of an outgrown life and the barrage of miracles that accompany your willing heart and open mind. This book is a guide to building the kind of consciousness that will empower you, the basic mind tools taught in my “Designing a Life” classes. It explains in greater detail what energy and consciousness are and how to use them. Included are quotes and power declarations. These are tools for finding a higher spiritual purpose and creating infinite possibilities in your life.

The Mystical Secrets of Life

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The BooksThe Mystical Secrets of Life book by Todd Puntolillo

The Dream Maker takes you, the reader, on a journey through your inner and outer life to observe where you’ve been and where you’re going. It is easy to get caught up in the questions posed in this book. You can find yourself “Lost in Space,” re-examining your life and its potential.  Because the author’s style is to get right to the point and waste few words, the book is brief, low in verbiage but packed with insight. There are over 100 concepts in Part 2 alone, any of which could prove to be revolutionary in your experience. You can read through this book in a very short time or pause to contemplate its very practical approach to changing your thinking and therefore, your very life.

The Dream Maker

The Mystical Secrets of Life book by Todd Puntolillo

No vivas tu vida en el descuido. Explora las infinitas posibilidades, y luego cuídate de los fragmentos voladores  de una vida desbordada por la descarga  de milagros que acompaña a  tu corazón dispuesto y a tu mente abierta.

 Quien busca la verdad  encuentra

la luz y el amor.

Quien busca justificar sus creencias antiguas y desgastadas, está condenado a llevar sus cadenas un rato más.      


En el juego de la vida…

                  Quien ama más— ¡Gana!

El Creador
de Sueños

The Dream Maker translated in Spanish






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