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We will create a planet once again covered with beautiful forests, clean air, and clear water.No more poverty, blame, guilt, criticism or hatred. We will then live unshackled in a spiritually conscious environment with no harmful beliefs remaining that could possibly inhibit this never-ending unfoldment.

The Brotherhood of all Life will be our only reality. I acknowledge this vision as true, here and now!

It is done.

Todd Puntolillo teaches spiritual healing where one brings the mind and body into harmony through spiritual consciousness renewal and energy work. The spiritual healing through energy and consciousness is explained in depth in his book The Mystical Secrets of Life.

Todd Puntolillo has spent over 60 years studying, teaching, and practicing spiritual healing principles. Todd served as editor and inspirational columnist for The Happy Times Monthly, a fast growing, all-good- news newspaper in Florida for 12 years. He writes, teaches, and speaks on his Designing A Life Series about The Dynamics of Energy and Consciousness and The Mystical Secrets of Life.



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